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Best Eyelash Enhancer – Tips, How to Choose, Apply, Safety, Reviews and Do Eyelash Enhancers Work?

What is the best eyelash enhancer? Get tips, how to apply, choose, reviews of best lash growth enhancers brands as well as where to buy them. You will also know whether they work or not among many other things in this article. For those who want a quick fix with simply the best products there is in the market, get unrivaled selection of mascara, primers, conditioners, extensions and eyelash enhancer from Lash Serum Reviews!

Best Eyelash Enhancers –Tips, How to Choose, Apply, Safety and Do They Work
Are they Safe and Do They Work

Thicker, longer, fuller and luscious eyelashes can enhance elegance, glamour, allure and beauty. However, not everyone has such natural eyelashes due to a number of reasons. If you do have such long natural eyelashes, not all is lost, as you can still buy good eyelash enhancers to make them better.


No one can contest the fact that luscious and longer eyelashes can make your eyes wider, brighter, awake and so beautiful. No wonder every lady and some men are turning to lash growth enhancers.

Eyelash enhancers refer to beauty products applied to e

yelashes to promote their growth. They are normally applied on the eye lash base and come in form of a gel or serum. They help in growing longer, thicker and fuller eyelashes and they should be applied once or twice a day or as directed by manufacturers.

People lose their natural eyelashes due to some harsh eye makeup they use, the use of eyelash curlers, improper removal of eye makeup such as mascara, eyelash extensions and fake eyelashes or even due to medical conditions and some medications.  In this discussion, some of the questions that will be answered include the following:

Eyelash Enhancers - FEG Eyelash Enhancers
FEG Enhancers
  • How do I choose or where to buy the best eye lash enhacers
  • Which are the best eyelash enhancer brands to buy?
  • Do eyelash growth enhancers work and are they safe for my eyes?
  • What are the side effects of lash growth enhancers?

How to Choose the Best Eyelash Enhancer

We have seen what they are; it is worthwhile to know ways to choose the best eyelash enhancers before we mention the best brands.

Just like any other product in the market, these products are often hyped and most vendors and manufacturers who overpromise on what particular brands can help you achieve. You however need to choose an eyelash enhancer that will indeed help your eyelashes without causing further undesirable effects. Some of the important tips for choosing the best eye lash enhancers include the following:

  • It should be able to not only thicken or lengthen your eyelashes but also make it stronger. This will reduce breakages, which is one of the causes of few natural eyelashes.
  • The second factor to consider in choosing the best brand is its ingredients. Different manufacturers use different ingredients. Check to ensure the specific one you have chosen has ingredients, which will not harm your eyes, or you are allergic to (especially people who have sensitive types of skins). Going for those with natural ingredient is a good idea. They should also contain some of the vital vitamins to help condition your eyelashes.
  • To ensure the specific eyelash growth enhancer you have chosen will work well, go for those, which have either been approved by FDA or tested by ophthalmologists. This might confirm the fact that the specific eye lash growth enhancer you have gone to is very safe.
  • People who wear contact lenses as or have sensitive eyes should go for products, which have been designed for sensitive eyes only.
  • You will also consider other factors such as the cost, customer ratings, reviews and comments.

Where to Buy Eyelash Growth Enhancers – Buying Cheap lash Growth Enhancers

There are many places to buy any eyelash  growth enhancers which will vary from your local retail shops, leading online shops such as Amazon.com, Sephora.com, eBay.com or even directly from the manufacturers websites (most of who sale them online). To ensure you make a saving you need to try the following strategies:

  • Compare prices on various stores both online and within your locality.
  • Buy online
  • Use coupons and go for freebies

The Best Eyelash Enhancers – Top Brands Reviews

You now know what to consider in choosing the best eyelash growth enhancers. It is time to mention some of the top brands in the market. We reviewed quite a number of products before coming up with this list the best eyelash enhancers. You also have an obligation to read various eyelash growth enhancer reviews, see user ratings and comments before turning to a certain product. This is the surefire way of ensuring you go for the best. Our five top are considering price, reviews and feedback given:

Best Eyelash Enhancers - Latisse Eyelash Growth Enhancer
Latisse Eyelash Growth Enhancer

According to DermStore, based on thousands of user reviews here is the list of their best lash growth enhancers.

  • SmartLash
  • Eye lash Renewal Serum by RapidLash
  • Lash Recovery Serum with Triple Lipopeptide Complex by PRIORI
  • Eye lash Conditioner by MD Lash Factor
  • Lash Enhancing Serum by neuLash

    Best Eyelash Enhancers - SmartLash Eyelash Enhancer
  • Marini Lash by Jan Marini
  • ELASTILash Solution by Obagi
  • Eye lash Growth Serum by ActivLash
  • Eye lash Fortifier by B. Kamins
  • Lipocils Eye lash Conditioning Gel by Talika

Do Eyelash Enhancers Work?

Try search for any eyelash growth enhancer and you will get so many promises such as fuller, longer, more and thicker lashes. One question that people fail to ask is if lash growth enhancers actually work.

Amongst the different type of eye lash growth enhancers, it is only Latisse Eyelash Growth Enhancer, which has been approved by FDA to be prescribed for eye lash enhancement, particularly to people who have sparse and/or few eyelashes. Whether the product works for people, who experience eyelashes loss due to alopecia has not been verified. There are also reports that Smartlash, which does not contain prostaglandin active ingredients, actually enhances eye lash growth.

To answer whether eyelashes enhancers work or not could be an endless debate as some users have reported darker, thicker and longer eyelashes after using them for at least three months. On the other hand, some people claim to have noticed little or no change. It is therefore very important to read user reviews and ratings before buying any of the eye lash growth enhancers.  According to Dr. Jean Carruthers, an Allergan research and oculoplastic surgeon based in Vancouver, “people with sparse eyebrows can use it (Latisse Eyelash Growth Enhancer) effectively and safely”.

Are Eyelash Growth Enhancers Safe?

On safety of eyelash growth enhancer, most of these products are safe, especially if you insist on those that contain only organic ingredients, or have been tested by ophthalmologists. Check, the ingredients they contain to be certain on their safety.

Side Effects of Eye lash Growth Enhancers

While struggling to better your eyelashes using the best lash growth enhancers, you should not ignore some of the eyelash enhancer side effects, which have been reported. Some of the common side effects of these lash growth enhancers (especially those with bimatoprost, lantanoprost, and prostaglandin active ingredients used to tread glaucoma) include the following:

Best Eyelash Enhancers - Before and After Eyelashes
Before and After Looks
  • Retina swelling that will often cause you to have a blurred vision
  • Darkening of the iris and blue eyes might start turning brown.
  • Brown or red rings might develop around your eyes
  • Some brands might cause general irritation,  itchiness and eye reddening

Eyelash Care Tips

You do not have to rely only on enhancers. You can help grow your eyelashes natural and be careful. Here are some of the best lashes care tips

  • The first eyelash care tip is always to go for herbal and organic eyelash enhancers if you can find them.
  • Ensure you condition your eyelashes after you have removed eye makeup especially mascara.
  • Minimize the use of eye makeup especially mascara or even curling your eyelashes always.
  • Ensure you body gets a balanced and healthy diet that will boost general growth of body hairs including eyelashes.
  • When choosing mascara, go for best quality mascara that do not have side effects such as thinning your eyelashes or causing breakages.
  • Ensure you properly remove your eye makeup using the correct eye makeup removers.
  • Ensure you do not rub your eyes or eyelashes


You know how to choose the best eye lash growth enhancers, some of their top brands, whether they work or not, side effects and a lot more information. If your eyelashes still do not become better even after trying some of the best eyelash enhancer brands, you could turn to other ways to having longer, fuller and well defined eyelashes such as applying mascara especially good lightening mascara, using fake eyelashes and eyelash extensions.

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Which eyelash growth enhancers do you use? Share, Advice and Warn.

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