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Mineral Eyeshadow – Best Brands, ELF, Bare, Benefits, Cons, Tips, How to Apply Mineral Eye Shadows

While discussing on mineral eyeshadow and best brands such as brands bare, elf as well as benefits, cons, tips, how to apply some you definitely have a number of questions about them that include

Best Mineral Eyeshadow Guide – Benefits, Cons, Tips, How to Apply Mineral Eye Shadow
Best Mineral Eye shadow Looks
  • what are they?
  • Do they have benefits?
  • How do you apply them and what are some of the best brands you could use?

What is Mineral Eyeshadow?

Mineral eyeshadow refers pressed or loose to ultra fine (extremely tinny microscopic) eyeshadow made from natural minerals only. Generally, mineral makeup has been existence for a long period as different ancient cultures used ground powder to adorn or decorate their skins including eyelids, lips, cheeks and other body parts.

However, in the 1970s, several cosmetic companies turned to mineral makeup as part of their products.  The general characteristics of good mineral eye shadow are that they should oil free, talc and they should not clog eyelid pores. They also are very smooth and soft.

In terms of packaging, often come in small compacts just like the other eyeshadow. Most manufacturers always include applicators brushes. Furthermore, they come in different colors and color shades, which can be used together (complimentary shades). To make them look shimmery, bismuth oxychloride is often used however; this ingredient is currently under scrutiny after a few women reported irritation on using natural or mineralized eyeshadow with this ingredient.

Benefits of Mineral Eye shadow – Pros of Natural Eyeshadow

Because they are natural eye shadow, more and more women are turning to them as they seek to avoid any possible consequences of using other types of eye shadows. There are a number of possible benefits one could derive from mineral eye shadow, which include the following:

Various colors of mineral eyeshadow
Various colors of mineral eye shadow
  1. They have reduced incidents of reactions and allergies on using eyeshadow. Women, especially those with sensitive skin have always found this type of eyeshadow a good option to go for.
  2. They are much easier to remove since they are in powder form. You need to use a cotton pad and eye makeup removers. It is advisable to avoid cotton ball in removing any kind of eye makeup since pieces of cotton might end up in your eyes.
  3. Mineral eye shadow offers your skin protection against UVA and UVB and they do not clog your eyelid pores.
  4. They are water resistant and they will not require any reapplication.
  5. They are able of calming any inflammation and can soothe skin that has been irritated.
  6. If you have rosacea, redness or acne, mineral eye shadow can completely cover your eyelid skins so that it is not visible.
  7. They are less inexpensive and cannot harbor any bacteria or support it being made from mineral.

Cons of Mineral Eyeshadows

The above pros or benefits of mineral eye shadow should not make you forget the downside of mineral or natural eyeshadow.

  • Some of the brands often dry up. This is likely to make wrinkles very visible.
  • Some of them have synthetic fillers as well as parabens, chemical preservatives that could have effects that customers are not expecting.
  • Those that are microscopic can be inhaled, enter into you tear ducts and this can cause irritation.

Best Mineral Eyeshadows

Having understood what mineral eye shadow are, you might want to experiment it. We have a list of some of the best mineral eye shadow you could buy. However, you need to ensure that the specific color you choose suits your skin tone, eye color and hair. (See prices, more brands of mineral shadows and their shades) . So what are these best mineral eyeshadows?

Best Mineral Eyeshadow Guide – Benefits, Cons, Tips, How to Apply Mineral Eye Shadows
Glittery Brands
  • Shany Cosmetics Mineral Loose Powder, Favorite Colors, 40 Count
  • E.L.F. Pressed
  • Avon – Smooth
  • Femi Cosmetic
  • Sweet Libertine
  • MarieNatie
  • Mary Kay
  • Inika
  • BM Beauty
  • MUA Everyday Swap
  • Bare Escentuals
  • Magic Cosmetics
  • Naturale Beauty Set, Smokey Eyes Edition
  • All Natural

These are not the only best mineral eyeshadow available in the market. There are many others, which have not been listed here. If you do not find your favorite brand, it should not be a big deal. .

How to Apply Mineral Eyeshadow

Although the exact steps to follow in applying it might slightly vary from other eyeshadow, in principle, they can be used in the same way powdery eye shadows are used. We are not going to discuss on applying mascara or eyeliner but will cover the part of applying these eyeshadows only. Here is how to apply mineral eyeshadow:

  • Clear your face; apply moisturizer and other face makeup. This will ensure your eyelids are clean and free from grease (skin oil).
  • Apply your mineral primer to help ensuring that creases are minimized and it lasts the whole day.

Using Dry Powder Mineral Eyeshadow

  • Apply it on your eyelids. You can tap a small quantity of your preferred brand to a clean makeup lid and apply it from there. Once you have swirled the correct makeup brus in you eye shadow, tap excess and apply it on your eyelid in the style you need.
  • Repeat the process for the different colors you intent to use
  • Blend them to ensure no demarcations will appear.

Foiling Method of Applying Mineral Eye shadow

  • If you want your mineral eyeshadow to last longer, you could foil it i.e. add water to make a pasty like substance which you will apply in the style you want. If you opt for this method, you will tap a small amount to its lid and add a drop of water and mix the loose powder well. Using a brush or eyeshadow applicator, stir it. You can add more powder or water until you achieve the consistency required.
  • Swirl your eyeshadow brush in the paste you just made and remove any excess eye shadow that might be on the brush by sliding it on your mixing lid edges.
  • Apply it in areas you want just as would do for any other eyeshadow type. See how to apply eye shadow. Once applied, foiled eye shadow dries almost instantly.
  • Repeat the process for the different shades you want to apply.
  •  Finally, you need to use a large or small hair eyeshadow brush to blend the various colors you have used.

Mineral Eyeshadow Tips, Tricks, Ideas and Advice

Best Mineral Eyeshadow Guide - All Natural Face Mineral Eyeshadow
Brown Mineral Powder Eye Shadow

You have seen some of the best brands you could purchase. The steps above on how to apply them will be helpful but with the below tips, tricks, ideas we are going to cover below, everything should go on smoothly and perfectly.

  • To get natural and glowing looks you need to apply several layers. You will have foundation-like looks that will be glowing.
  • For effective application, it is recommended that you use an eyeshadow brush that is wide and fluffy. A makeup puff will work well. When blending, go for a fluffy eyeshadow brush, as it will ensure it blends it well without removing your makeup.
  • When applying it, it is encouraged that you do not swipe. Instead, pat it to your eyelid. Swiping will make some of the eyeshadow to fall off. Be gentle and apply the number of layers that will satisfy you.
  • Some makeup artists encourage people to apply a translucent (white powder that does not have any pigments that is colored) on top of the mineral eye shadow, they have applied.
  • Instead of using the foiled method, you could also make your brush damp and use it to apply your eyeshadow. It will still look great just as in the case of foiled.


Since it has very fine particles, applying it can be a bit intimidating. However, if you practice, you will be able to do it in a couple of minutes and get perfect looks. We have look at how to apply these eyeshadows, what they are and some benefits. Once you choose one of your best mineral eyeshadowd, you need ensure you carefully follow the tips and tricks discussed to ensure you get perfect looks.

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