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Safety, Use, Best Eyelash Dye Kits and Homemade

Is it safe to use an eyelash dye? Can you do the tinting at home? How do you make it at home? Learn more about all that and much more on these dyes including best kits to go for.

Naturally dark haired women may not know the struggle fair-haired sisters go through to achieve dark eyelashes. If you have fair or lighter hair, the odds are your eyelashes are also in the same color range. This would not be terrible if they did not just fade into oblivion and made you look like you have no lashes at all.

It doesn’t help matters that glamorous lashes are always depicted as darker. And the fair-haired among us want that, never mind nature thought we would be just fine with blond eyelashes.

Mascara is helpful, except it is not the easiest make up to apply and we will not even start on the how it loves smudging and running at the most inopportune time. Also, its results will last for just as long as you are wearing it.

Obviously, if you are going to achieve a darker more pronounced one, you may need a solution that will give you results that stick around for a little longer. Try dye or tint.

It means giving color to your eyelashes either with a safe approved product at a salon, with an approved tinting kit at home or with a DIY mix also at home. Some have found tint to be the solution to pale inconspicuous one. After a tint job, you can count on having dramatic dark eyelashes immediately. It lasts up to several weeks without needing a touch up too. While you can wear mascara on your tinted lashes, the look is good enough stand alone and will survive a day at the beach or pool, which you cannot say for mascara.

Think mascara that stays on, and does not give you a hell of a time removing at night, that is dyed eyelashes for you. Find out how to go about it below.

Is Eyelash Tinting Safe?

A lot of people dye their eyelashes every few weeks and are none the worse for it. There are a lot of home kits allowing you to even go and do the tinting at home by yourself. This doesn’t mean it comes highly recommended by experts. Several sources online caution against the use of lash tint and dyes. Paula’s Choice outlines the reasons why you should reconsider going for tinting.

The concerns seem valid enough and basically are that no matter how much the product is being fronted as a vegetable dye which makes it safe for use, the truth is that most manufacturers still use synthetic dyes which have been classified as unsafe for use on the lashes and brows.

The odds of something going wrong are high, even when you have it done at a professional looking salon. Some beauty bloggers have done some research on what is contained in some of the more popular kits. Best Health Mag here dug around a little on Refectocil eyelash tint and has some insight on what it contains. You want to check some of that information out. Always read your label and reduce the frequency you dye them to reduce risk.

WebMD, however, says dyeing eyelashes can be safe if done correctly. You can drop by this page here for dos and don’ts.

You can also explore other safer options like eyelash growth serums which help condition and grow them or invest in a good mascara.

It is important to note that you do not always have to dye eyelashes to make them darker. Latisse, a prescription medication for growth is also known to make them darker. You can speak to your doctor about Latisse.

Applying Eyelash Tint at Home and Best Home Kits and DIY

You can opt to have your eyebrow and eyelash tint done at a salon that offers the service. This should set you back some amount every few weeks but this means doing a perfect job is someone else’s headache. Or, you can buy over the counter tinting products in the form of a kit and do it at home.  The tinting kits come in several shapes and sizes. The beauty of them is that they are made to use at home, which you can just read as easily.

The first step to dyeing them will be picking up the kit at your local store. Some popular brands are Godefroy 28 Day Mascara, Refectocil, Ulta and Sally’s beauty supply also have lash and brow tint products and these are just a few we could get off the top of our heads.   You can get some really insightful reviews for these and more brands online if you are shopping around for the best dye to color them.

You will also need to ensure you have clean lashes when intending to tint them. The best eyelashes dye job will take only a few minutes to set but give you weeks of results. We can say the best tinting kit will enable you to dye them with the least fuss. Check out this page for a step by step breakdown of using a home kit.

If you are still not there with the whole dye thing, you could try some lash tint mascara. It is a step over regular mascara because it leaves some color on them for a couple of days even after you wash it off. In a sense, by wearing it, you will be coloring your eyelashes without going all out with permanent tint. You may know it as eyelash stain and several brands have one. It is still mascara though and you might find the same difficulty you face in getting a mascara that will give you nicely defined Bambi eyes without weighing down your lashes. You might find this review of some tinted mascaras helpful.

You can combine putting the dye with eyelash perming to complete that doll eyes effect.

Homemade lash dye

Don’t know where to buy your lash tint products? Or do you just prefer your beauty treatments natural? You but can still get yours at home. You will need henna powder, water, some Vaseline and a little tissue.

Begin by dabbing some Vaseline on the area around your eyes, both upper and lower to protect the skin from staining during the dyeing.

Below the eye, apply a piece of tissue such that it forms an arc below the eye. The Vaseline you had applied earlier will help it stick.

Mix the henna and water and apply the resulting paste using an old mascara wand on your eyelashes. Pay attention to cover them evenly and properly and let the paste dry on with your eyes closed. Rinse off and fawn over your newly colored eyelashes.

For all its advantages and ease of application, this natural eyelash dye limits you when it comes to the color range. You are likely to get a reddish brown from henna and at that, it may not be the strongest shade of brown at best. At worst, you may just have a slightly visible color change their color. Commercial products have more of a range offering several shades of brown, black and the dramatic blue-black lash tint.

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