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Green Eyeshadow – Best for Brown and Green Eyes, How to Apply Tutorial, Wear, Choose and Green Eyeshadow Looks

Green eyeshadow can make you stunning and very dramatic. Get the best green for brown eyes, green eyes, how to apply, wear, choose these eyeshadows. You will also get some tips, secrets and advices that have been shared to ensure you look spectacular

How to Use Green Eyeshadow –Tips, Best Brands, Choosing, Apply Green Eye Shadow
Green Eye Shadow Looks

Kerry Washington, Eva Mendes, Thandie Newton, Jada Pinkett Smith, Terry Hatcher, Rihanna, among many other celebrities are fond of green eyeshadow. You can also join them and get the celebrity look. However, you cannot just pick any shade and try on it. Furthermore, you need to know how to apply green eye shadow or how to choose it. It is not just for fall. It you can wear it all around the year.

How to Choose Green Eye shadows

Of course, there are many shades of this eye shadow available in the market, as you will notice when we will review some of the best green eyeshadows. It is therefore good to ensure you correctly choose a shade that will work well with your skin tone and facial features.

The general rule for using green eye shadow is that people with pale skin tone should go for lighter gshades while those with medium or darker skin tones go for darker shades. Celery green for instance will be ideal for pale-skinned women while evergreen, emerald, vivid green will best for girls who have darker skin tones. If you have a pale skin tone and you try vivid green eyeshadow for instance, it is going to look intense. When it comes to undertones of green, darker skinned people should go for warmer tones and vice versa.

Your eye color can also influence the shade you can go for. Here is how you will choose correct for various eye colors.

How to Use Green Eyeshadow – Apply Green Eye Shadow
Applying Tips

Green Eyeshadow for Brown Eyes

People who have brown eyes should use brands with blue undertones. The blue will accentuate the orange undertones that are always in brown eyes.

Green Eye shadow for Green Eyes

If you have green eyes, you should go for jade and dark olive to avoid hiding your eyes.

Green Eyeshadow for Blue eyes

To make your deep blue eyes much brighter, go for dark hunter shades while people who have light blue eyes should go for mossy green that will help in accentuating indigo in your iris.

Eyeliner and Mascara to Use With Green Eye Shadow 

When it comes to the eyeliner, you can actually go for greenish eyeliner on your upper and lower lash line. It will look great for people who want subtle looks. Using soft black eyeliner, preferably pencil eyeliner will be great for inner rims of your eyes are a great way to get bolder looks. Black mascara will match well with it and you need to add several layers. Finally, use natural colors on your cheeks and lips. However, bronze makeup on your cheekbone and nude lipstick can compliment your green eye shadow well.

The Best Green Eyeshadow – Top Brands

You have learnt how to choose the best colors that will match well with your eye and skin tones. Of course, it come in various forms and color shades. It is worthwhile you take some time and review some of the best green eyeshadow listed below to see which ones best fits your needs. We tested and read dozens of online reviews on the various brands before coming up with this list.

Best Green Eyeshadow - MAC Golden Olive Pigment
MAC Golden Olive Pigment
  • URBAN DECAY Deluxe – Graffiti
  • Eye Studio® Color Plush™ Silk Eyeshadow
  • Makeup Forever Eyeshadow – #93
  • Makeup Geek Eyeshadow Pixie Dust- shimmery lime greenish
  • MAC Golden Olive Pigment
  • Wet/Dry Eye Shadow in Noir Emeraude 07, Bourjois
  • Single Eye Shadow in Jealous?, Too Faced
  • Bare Minerals Ready The Paradise – Matte forestgreenish
  • are Minerals Loose Shadow Celery – Shimmery Mint
  • Maybelline New York Eye Studio Color Pearls Marbleized Eyeshadow in Ivy
  • NYX Seafoam
  • Body Shop Peacock
  • Maybelline Mossy Green Color Tattoo 24 Hour Eyeshadow
  • Colorbar Eyeshadow Palette Envious
  • NARS Mad Mad World Eyeshadow Duo
  • Colorbar Single Stroke
  • Almay Pure Blends E
  • NYX Seafoam
  • MAC Mineralized Smutty

The list of the best brands above is not conclusive as there are many brands, which have not been included. So, if you do not see your favorite brand, do as a favor by listing it in your comments so that our esteem readers can know of it and try it. Ensure you read reviews, compare prices and know the exact shades of green eye shadow you are buying.

 How to Apply Green Eyeshadow – How to Wear, Use Tutorial

How to Use Green Eyeshadow – Green Looks in Green eyeshadows
Looks in Green eyeshadows

From the above listed best brands, you will be able to choose one that suits your skin complexion. It is important to do so if you do not want to look funny. Whereas many people often blend several shades of green to get desired looks, there are a few who use a single shade.  While discussing how to apply green eyeshadow, we will consider someone using at least two shades, a darker one and a lighter one. If you are not sure, you can try several shades to see which one looks great. To do so, you need to follow the below steps on how to apply it.

  1. You need to ensure your eye is well prepared for eyeshadow. This will involve things like applying your face makeup, under eye concealer and/or eyeshadow primer.
  2. Apply the lightest shade on your entire eyelid to your brow bone using eyeshadow applicator or brush and blend it until it is consistent and smooth.
  3. Beginning from your inner eye corner, sweep the darker shade towards the outer eye corner. Do not go beyond your eye creases. In this stage, various artists use different styles. Some will apply darker green shade half way from inner corner and then begin with a lighter shade from outer corner to meet the darker green shade at the middle of the eye.
  4. You can line your eyes with eyeliner. Some people often add a layer of this eye shadow just above the eyeliner. This will help in creating a bolder look with maximum effect and you could decide to soften or make bolder your looks.
  5. Finally, add a few layers of mascara. As mentioned above, the best mascara colors to go for is either black or brown.

If you are new to eyeshadow, you can also see for more details on how to apply eyeshadows for more details.

Green Eyeliner Tips, Secrets and Advices

For stunning looks, you need to try some of the green eye shadow tips, secrets and advices discussed below and go what works for you.

  • The ways on how you apply it can be influenced by the time of the day. During the day, you should be milder. You should also hardly go beyond your creases.  From your crease to your eyebrow, you can use a highlighter or a very light shade of green. However, for evening uses, you can go for a deeper shade on your creases and black or brown eyeliner.
  • Deep green eyeshadow can be perfect for creating sexy green smokey eyes look.
  • For people who use contact lenses, it is not good to choose contact eye lenses with the same color, especially if the two shades are close, as the eyeshadow will make your eyes to look a bit dull.
  • Black, beige or brown could be perfect clothing when you use it. A few people have the tendency of trying to match their eyeshadow and clothing. This will instead make your eyes less visible and you need to go for complimentary colors. Clothing in neutral colors can be used.
  •  During summer season, you can use the lime green eye shadow shade. It will look great.
  • If you want to wear green metallic or shimmery shades, you need to do it for a night function. However, during the day stick to matte eye shadows.


What you have learnt is just be basics. With some of best brands, you can create various effects and looks. All you need to do is try and practice until you are perfect. The steps to apply green eyeshadow are not long and it can be done in two minutes time.

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You have a certain style of applying green eyeshadow you find standing. Share with us. If you have any special area you would like covered, I am more than willing to take time, research and present it.

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