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How to Remove Nose Hair, Remover, For Women, Permanent & Cream

Nose hair plays important biological roles, but if some hair strands are overgrown and protruding from your nose, you should consider removing them. Read on to learn how to remove nose hair. 

How to Remove Nose Hair

How to Remove Nose Hair – Remover, For Women, Permanent & Cream
How to remove nasal hairs

Wondering how to remove those annoying hairs in your nose that don’t seem to cease to attract attention to your nose when talking to people? Well there are various ways to go about removing nasal hairs. In this article, we’ll try to break them down and highlight some of their pros and cons.


People who only have to deal with one occasional strand of hair projecting from their nose may find tweezing helpful and more convenient. Tweezing involves holding a hair strand with the tweezers before pulling it out. It is most commonly used on eyebrows but some people use it on nasal hair as well.  You should ideally use stainless steel tweezers.

Using tweezers can however be very painful and is not the most attractive of options for most people. Those with sensitive skin should especially avoid using tweezers to remove nose hair. Tweezing can also damage nasal hair follicles and skin, or even lead to infections.

Using scissors

You can as well use a pair of scissors to remove the hairs you have in your nose. Scissors designed for trimming the hairs in your nose are typically thin and small to make it easier to use them inside the confined nostrils space.

They also have rounded tips in order to avoid injuries to the delicate nasal skin. It is also a great idea to use scissors made of stainless steel to avoid infection. When using a pair of scissors to remove hair in your nose, you should avoid cutting the hair too close to the skin.

Hair trimmers

Nose hair trimmers are perhaps the best option for removing and removing hairs in your nose, especially for those people whose nasal hair is thick and/or grows again rather fast. These are small, battery-operated, or manual devices that trim rather than pull this hair. Most of them are waterproof which makes them ideal for use in the shower.

They are typically small enough to fit into the nostrils easily but, as with any gadget, you should read the manufacturer’s user manual carefully in order to avoid injuries to the nose. [Read our review of the best-rated nose or nasal hair trimmers]

Hair removal creams

You can also use hair removal creams to get rid of nose hair. These typically dissolve the nasal hair. They are usually applied to the inside of the nose and left there for the recommended time before washing them off with cold water.

You should however be careful not to apply the cream so far inside the nostrils as this can cause irritation. It is advisable to follow the manufacturer’s instructions very keenly.

Overall, you should be hesitant to use any hair removal cream unless you are sure it is suitable for use inside the nose (read the label carefully), otherwise, you might inhale toxic fumes or even swallow some harmful chemicals through the mouth.

Nose Hair Remover

A nose hair remover is any gadget or product that is used to remove or reduce the amount and length of hair growing in the nose. Men are more likely to require this remover, especially after thirty years of age. There are numerous options when it comes to nasal hair removers, varying from trimmers to removal creams, scissors, and tweezers.

While all the above removal options will do the job, nose hair trimmers make for the most hassle-free and painless option.

Whatever nasal remover you choose, you should remember that the hair in your nose does actually serve important purposes chief among them being the protection of the respiratory system from harmful solid debris and airborne viruses and bacteria that could lead to respiratory infections.

As a matter of fact, scientists and doctors recommend leaving the nasal hair in place. On that note, you should consider removing or trimming only the hairs protruding from your nostrils. Avoid the temptation to go overboard eliminating every single hair strand in your nose.

Nose Hair Removal Women

How to Remove Nose Hair – Remover, For Women, Permanent & Cream - Nose Hair Removal Women - Nads Nose Wax
Nads Nose Wax

You are putting on your makeup in front of the mirror and suddenly you spot a small strand of hair hanging from your nose. What is the best nose hair removal option for women, you wonder?

Well, the easiest way to remove nasal hair is to trim them whether for women or men. While plucking it out may seem like an easier option especially if you are dealing with a few strands of hair, you should avoid the temptation to do it. This practice can lead to infections since the inside of the nose is typically dark and warm, making it an ideal environment for bacterial growth.

If you don’t have a trimmer (or don’t want to buy one), chances are that you have small stainless scissors (e.g. cuticle scissors) that you can use. You should use sharp scissors with blunt, rounded tips to avoid causing damage to your nose.

Nose Hair Removal Cream

Although not generally suggested, nose hair removal creams can also be used to get rid of nose creams if you choose. You should however read the label carefully to ensure that the cream is suitable for use inside the surface. Remember that harmful chemicals can leak into the mouth from the nose.

Nad’s Hair Removal Nose Wax for Men and Women is a popular choice for getting rid of hairs in your nose. It comes with a “SAFETIP Applicator” which allows you to remove all the unwanted hair visible around your nostrils and leave the rest of the hair in place.

Permanent Nose Hair Removal

There are those people who prefer permanent hair removal and reduction instead of having to re-trim their nasal hair every now and then.

Electrolysis is perhaps what comes to the mind of many when permanent hair removal is mentioned. This entails using a small metal needle or probe to send an electric current to the root hair in order to destroy the hair follicle. As a result, the hair doesn’t grow back again.

While electrolysis can be done on various parts of the body including the face, most doctors advise against its use inside the nose and ear. It should also not be used on any patient with a pacemaker.

Laser hair removal is another permanent hair removal option. Laser hair removal can be done for both men and women. It is usually quick, taking less than five minutes, but some practitioners might be hesitant to offer it for nasal hair.

Laser Nose Hair Removal – How it Works

Laser nose hair removal also works by destroying the hair follicles, but unlike electrolysis, laser treatment uses laser light. The laser light energy is usually converted to heat energy using Photothermolysis technology and once the follicle is damaged, the hair falls off and doesn’t grow back again.

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