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Whether you want information on fake eyelashes, false eyelashes, eyelash makeup or eyelash extensions, we have the most comprehensive coverage in the BeautyHows article. The main areas we covered under eyelashes include the following

False or Fake Eyelashes

If you are not lucky to have very lush and full eyelashes, you can still use fake or false eyelashes to make them appear longer and fuller. Here you are going to learn about how to wear fake eyelashes, tips, secrets, how to remove and types of false eyelashes. You will also know what false eyelashes are, types, best brands reviews, where to buy and how to apply them as well as places you can buy fake eyelashes and much more. Main topics covered include:

 Eyelash Extensions

On eyelashes extensions we have the most detailed coverage, which covers eyelash extensions pros, cons, aftercare, lifespan, types, removal as well as before and after looks. You will also get information on eyelash extensions costs, prices and places you can get best eyelash extensions in the U.S.

Eyelashes General

Under this section we have articles that cover eyelash glue, primer, enhancers, and curlers where you will get reviews, types, how tos, buying, choosing, etc. You will also learn of whether eyelash grow back and how long they will take as well as what causes their loss.

These are the main topics we have covered under eyelashes categories. Each of the topics is very informative and covered many things. They are not the ordinary articles you find online. Thank you visiting BeautyHows.

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