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Small Red Bumps on Stomach – Itchy & Non-itchy Red Bumps on Belly

Whether they are large or small red bumps on the stomach, having them present can be scary. Red bumps on the stomach that itch or those that do not itch are caused by different factors. They could occur anytime including during pregnancy. Knowing their various causes makes it easy to treat them.

Tiny, Little or Small Red Bumps on Stomach

Small red bumps on the stomach can cause the skin around it to become irritated. They could also get painful and itchy. There are a number of things that could cause this including clothing rubbing against the bumps that could worsen the situation. If not well taken care of, humidity and heat could also cause inflammation on the bumps. The treatments administered on red bumps on the stomach vary. Some may get treated with over-the-counter treatments while others may require prescription drugs.

Red bumps on the stomach may start off as tiny patchy areas that grow large with time. They may develop from rashes and develop into tiny bumps. As they continue to grow big, they may only be on the surface of the skin or develop from inside the skin’s surface.

Stomach bumps may be because of heat rash, ingrown hair, chicken pox, or bacterial or viral infection. These may then develop to become itchy. In extreme cases, one could develop a fever. The discomfort could also heighten with the bumps becoming painful.

Depending on what the cause of the red bumps is, the bumps may last for a while. Most will be present for four to 14 days. In cases of chicken pox, they will disappear after four days. Where the case is heat rash, how fast they disappear depends on the weather. Where it is hot and humid, the rashes will linger longer. Bacterial as well as viral infections could last for up to two weeks.

To take care of these bumps, one should clean the skin thoroughly and keep it dry as well. Where possible, one should keep off people with chickenpox if they have never been infected. This will prevent you from catching it.

It is possible to use over-the-counter products. However, where one is not sure as to what the cause of the rashes could be, it is best to begin by scheduling an appointment with a healthcare official. Using the wrong medication could cause the situation to worsen. In cases where the bumps are acne related, one should resist the urge to squeeze them. Also, avoid scratching the bumps to avoid making them worse or even spreading to other areas.

Red Bumps on Stomach Not Itchy

Red bumps on the stomach that are not itchy are easy to ignore. This is because they do not cause as much discomfort as those that are itchy. While some non-itchy bumps are harmless, there are others that may require medical attention.

Pityriasis rosea is a skin condition that is suspected to be caused by a viral infection. It starts off as red bumps on the abdominal area. These are normally not itchy and may with time spread to the rest of the body. With time, the bumps may start to itch and have an increased level of discomfort. This condition normally goes away on its own.

Another cause for bumps on the stomach could be Molluscum Contagiosum which is also a viral infection. This is spread through skin-to-skin contact. These bumps as well tend to disappear without treatment. However, they spread easily and thus skin contact should be avoided to reduce the chances of it spreading to other people.  It also is possible to spread the virus through auto-inoculation. This happens when one scratches the bumps. To prevent this, avoid picking on the bumps.

Red Bumps on Stomach That Itch

When one has red bumps on the stomach that itch, it is possible for one to be suffering from hives. These develop as red bumps on the stomach that are itchy and look like one was bitten by a mosquito. Itchy bumps could also be a result of an allergic reaction. Insect bites, inflammatory skin conditions, and fungal infections could as well be the reason one is experiencing bumps on the stomach.

To treat this, it is best to see a doctor. They may prescribe some topical cream. To ease the itch, some antihistamines may be administered. To get rid of them, it is important to know what their causes are. One could consult a health care provider for the same. This will ensure a proper diagnosis is made and that the right treatment is given as well.

Red Bumps on Stomach During Pregnancy

During pregnancy, it is possible to get red bumps on the stomach. This could take place at any stage of the pregnancy.  Bumps on the stomach during pregnancy are most common in women in their first pregnancy as well as those carrying multiples.

While this could at times be attributed to getting some allergic reactions to things like skin care products, most of the time they are as a result of Pruritic Urticarial Papules and Plaques of Pregnancy (PUPPP). These bumps are the most common type of rash in pregnant women and mainly occur around the 35th week of the gestation period. Where this is not the case, one should evaluate what products they have been using and find out if they could be allergic to any.

Painful Red Bump on Stomach

When one has painful red bumps on their stomach, it is important to have it examined by a doctor. An evaluation by the doctor will provide a certain diagnosis of what the case is. The pain could be as a result of inflamed hair follicles or other serious health conditions. Anything that feels tender, is red and whose drainage is increasing should be seen by a doctor.

How to Get Rid of Red Bumps on Stomach

Getting rid of red bumps should be determined by what is causing the bumps. Allergic reactions can be gotten rid of using antihistamines. Topical application creams could also help. In cases where one is pregnant, it is important to see a doctor before administering drugs. They are likely to prescribe what will be suitable and what will not harm the baby in any way.

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