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Best Smudge Proof Eyeliner Pencil, Gel and Liquid 

Shopping around for a smudge-proof eyeliner? How about a smudge-proof waterproof long lasting one that will not break the bank? Find in our article some of the best no-smudge eyeliner on the market.

Have you been disappointed by a smudging eyeliner?

Smudged makeup - a smudge proof eyeliner and tips will really help
Smudged eye makeup

No one wants their carefully done cat eye or liner to be a smudgy mess after a little wear. Any smudging that occurs on your liner without you deliberately smudging it just kills the look.

Some smudges you can fix a fresh application and a few minutes with a mirror, say for instance if you used a pencil liner on the waterline. But then others are just not as easy to salvage. The best thing is to ensure the smudges do not happen in the first place.

How? You ask? That is what the rest of this article is about. Stick around the secret to eyeliner that stays on without smudging.

What a good non-smudge liner do?

One of the ways to ensure a great liner result that does not smudge all over your eyelids and under eye is getting a good eyeliner. This means one made to last through humidity, rubbing, sweat, heat and even some tears. Usual descriptions for the brand you want for this job should be waterproof, long lasting and no smear.

It may still be tricky to keep that cat eye all day if have oily eyelids or skin. But it is not a lost cause. See the few tips below:

Tips to avoid smudging

You can also take this tip from a stylist quoted in vogue.com on how to make sure your eyeliner does not smudge in the day or night.

How to avoid eyeliner smudging
How to avoid smudging

Start with a primer on your eyelid, “to create an invisible magnet-like effect from the lashline to the eye crease for any makeup to follow. “It doesn’t have any color, but it’s like an adhesive for whatever you put on top of it.”

Follow with your liner on the primer and set it with a little powder. “To secure a truly smudge-proof day or night, Martin says you should trace over the gel liner with a powder in a matching shade of pigment.”

Don’t fret about getting this setting powder. Just dab on a little bit of powder eyeshadow in a matching or darker color than your eyeliner and the result will be just as fantastic.

Remember this works on liquid and cream gel eyeliners best. Dab on the powder in the few minutes before it dries.

Let’s look at some brands that are trusted to only smudge if you want them to and stay put neatly when dry.

The best smudge proof eyeliner

The cosmetic industry thankfully seems much focused on giving you a smudge free eyeliner experience. It is not difficult to find a nice waterproof and smudge proof eyeliner at whatever price point you are comfortable with.

Bobbi Brown has good brands

You can trust some popular brands like Bobbi Brown for an eyeliner that will stay put once you allow it to dry after applying.

Try Maybelline

Maybelline, Unstoppable Eyeliner Pencil
Maybelline, Unstoppable Pencil

Maybelline, Unstoppable Eyeliner Pencil will also not let you down as far as delivering a long-lasting, non-smudge or smudge proof brand.

Stila Waterproof Eyeliner will not let you down

Xovain.com says good things about Stila All Day Waterproof Eyeliner in Brown. “Even on the hottest days, it never smudges.”

Kat Von D’s Tattoo liner

The same blogger highly recommends Kat Von D’s Tattoo liner with a brush tip. “In addition to lasting all day, this liner was good at doing thin and thick lines, and it produced the second-darkest line out of all the liquid liners.”

Almay i-color Intense Liquid Eyeliner for sensitive eyes

If you have sensitive eyes or allergies or if you just want a good product without forking out tens of dollars, try Almay i-color Intense. This drugstore brand is one of the best no smudge eyeliners on the market.


Lancôme Artliner smudge proof eyeliner
Lancôme Artliner

Lancôme Artliner is also a good smudge proof you can also give a try. It will not disappoint.

Other best brands

Besides the above, you can try Urban Decay 24/7 range provides a long smudge-free wear. Laura Mercier Caviar, Christian Dior, and Smashbox eyeliners are also known to survive the day without smears and separating at the crease of the eye.

Not that some of the best smudge proof is probably products that you have seen get great reviews before or used before and loved. Smudge

Pencil and best brands

We all love a smokey eye and a pencil eyeliner that is able to smudge will help us achieve the best smokey eye. However, we also want the pencil not to smudge and rub off and get up to all kinds of unflattering things like smearing once we are done creating our look.

Again the cosmetics industry, at least a good section of it understands this struggle and have created pencil brands that are resistant to smudging.

Milani Eyeliner pencil gets a nice review at Totalbeauty.com with users quoted as saying “it doesn’t smudge,” It is also quite cheap for such a wonderful product.

Urban Decay 24/7 Waterline Pencil does not budge once you have it on.  Huffington post reviews Makeup Forever Aqua eyes as one of the 10 best long wear liners money can buy.

Eye Studio Lasting Drama Gel Pencil will hardly budge during the day making it one of the best smear proof eyeliners. Stylecaster recommends the Sephora Collection Retractable for not smudging or budging in high humidity, sweat, and heat. Another no smear pencil is Marc Jacobs Highliner Crayon.

Best smudge Proof Liquid Eyeliner

Liquid eyeliners are by far the most likely to smudge out of all kinds. We love them still, because of the precision they give us and also because if they are good, they are really good.

One of the best smudge free brands in liquid form has to be L’Oreal Paris Superstar Liner which makes up experts at Cosmo describes it as “didn’t smudge and it’s a really good black too”.

NYX, Nars, Mac Fluid line, Maybelline New York Eye Studio liquid eyeliners are also good products that will not give you raccoon eyes if you use them to accentuate your eyes.

Best Smudge proof gel

Some gel eyeliners that we can confidently say will not leave your perfectly done cat eye running include Mac Fluidline Gel Liner and Bobbi Brown Long-wear gel.

Maybelline Eye Studio is a great choice too according to stylecaster. “You really can’t mess up with this one.” Refinery 29 says “the formula allows for some time to blend before it dries — and once it does, it’s not going anywhere,” of the same product so we are pretty convinced it is one of the best eyeliners around when it comes to being smudge proof.

Other gel brands you can try are Clinique Brush-on Cream Liner.

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