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Birthmark Meanings, Location on Body, Shape, Color, Myths, Past Life, Astrology, Pictures, Hindi & Chinese

You might be wondering what birthmarks mean on your body and how they are connected to astrology. Since long time ago, different communities have ascribed various meanings to different birthmarks. These meanings are obtained by reading the color, shape, form and location of the birthmarks on the body. They are basically based on myths, spiritual and superstitious beliefs. Explore the significance of birthmarks located on various parts of the body, including their pictures.

What is a Birthmark?

A birthmark may also be called a beauty spot or a beauty mark.  According to WebMD, “Birthmarks are colored skin spots that either are present at birth or develop shortly after birth”. Birthmarks may form anywhere on the body.

A birthmark may be simple a colored patch on the skin. However, it may be a raised area on the skin. Still, it may extend beneath the skin tissue. Also, there are birthmarks that are both raised and still extend under the skin.

Birthmarks appear in different colors. The common color include, red, white, pink, black, purple, light blue and brown and tan. Some birthmarks may have more that one of the colors mentioned.

Types of Birthmarks

There are very many different types of birthmarks. However, specialists have grouped the birthmarks into two general categories: vascular birthmarks and pigmented birthmarks.

1.  Vascular birthmarks

This group consists of those birthmarks that are formed due to increased blood vessels in the affected area. Such birthmarks include Salmon patches, port-wine stains and strawberry hemangiomas.

2.  Pigmented birthmarks

This group of consists of the birthmarks that are formed due excess skin pigmentation cells in the affected area. Some examples of pigmented birthmarks include moles, Mongolian spots and cafe au lait spots.

What Causes Birthmarks

Why do we have birthmarks? Dermatologists do not know exactly what causes birthmarks. However, they people think that birthmarks are caused by hereditary factors. Contrary to these thoughts, many birthmarks are actually not caused by heredity. It is also possible that birthmarks are caused by the imbalance in the factors that influence the development and location of skin cells.

What Do Birthmarks Mean on Body?

Are there special meanings attached to birthmarks? What does my birthmark mean? Birthmarks have many different meanings. The significance of birthmarks differs from one community to another, depending on their traditions and cultures. We know that different communities have different experiences that often influence their teachings.

The traditional teachings of a specific community usually touch on practices and beliefs. Occasionally, the beliefs are based on myths and superstition. The myths and superstitions explaining birthmarks are no less.

Some birthmarks represent wounds from injuries that were inflicted in their past life. These meanings are based on the belief that people have many lives: past, present and some which are yet to come. Similarly, birthmarks can be used to trace your ancestry.

birthmark meanings ancestry white hair
Mother and child with similar white hair birthmarks. Birthmarks can be used to trace your ancestry.

Other birthmarks signify some occurrence or personality trait in your future. Such meanings may indicate good luck or bad luck in in your later life. Similarly, it may point to a strong and desirable or a weak and unwanted personality trait. And all these can be unraveled at your birth by observing and reading your birthmark!

Interestingly, some birthmarks just reveal what your mother ate while pregnant. Others, however, divulge what she did during pregnancy. The curiosity about birthmarks never ends. We shall now explore the various specific meanings of birthmarks based on their locations, shape and color.

Birthmark Meaning Pictures (Images)

We have inserted illustrative pictures at various sections of this post. This will enable you to easily understand and appreciate the various meanings of birthmarks that we have provided. In case you need more images, you can find then online.

Birthmark Location Meanings

A birthmark may have a certain meaning, just by virtue of where it lies on your body. Let us explore some of the common meanings of birthmarks located on different parts of your body. Note that these meanings may be the same or different for male and female individuals. We have specified clearly when a meaning applies to both genders or to a specific gender.

1.  Birthmark on Head (scalp) Meaning

The exact location of a birthmark on the scalp of head influences its meaning. The common areas where the birthmark on head may be located include:

  • Birthmark on the back of the head: If you have a birthmark on the back of your head or scalp, it signifies weakness, especially if you are a woman. It means that you will be naïve. Therefore, your spouse will take advantage of that and exploit you socially and economically. However, you may not realize that you are being treated unfairly.
  • Birthmark on the right side of the head: A birthmark on the right side of your head or scalp is a great sign. It means that you will go into politics and be very successful. You will enjoy considerable prestige that will make you popular and famous. You will also be very rich due to your engagement in politics because you will be in a senior position that is well paid.
  • Birthmark on the right side of the head: If you have a birthmark on the left hand side of head or scalp, you have every reason to worry. It means that you will lead a very poor life. To make it worse, it also means that you may not marry at all! Clearly, you will not enjoy your life it this world.

2.  Birthmark on Face Meaning

There are different meanings of birthmarks on the face. Since the face has many features, the meanings of birthmarks on each feature will be covered separately. So they will be covered under forehead, eyes, eyebrows, nose etc. This will facilitate efficient presentation the meanings.

3.  Birthmark on Forehead Meaning

There are a number of different meanings for a birthmark positioned on your face. It depends on where exactly on your face the birthmark lies.

  • Birthmark on the right side of the forehead: A birthmark on the right hand side of the forehead means that you have excellent brains. Therefore, you will excel in your endeavors, including your academics, your career and businesses. Hence, you will earn a great reputation that will make you to be famous and popular.
  • Birthmark on the left side of the forehead: In case the birthmark lies on the left hand side of your forehead it is not good news. It means that you will be extravagant and irresponsible. Hence you will not lead a very promising life. You will always be in huge debts and this will make you an enemy of many people.
  • Birthmark at the center of the forehead: If the birthmark lies in the center or middle of your forehead, it means that people will find you very attractive. As a result, you may end up having very many relationships in your life. Infidelity will rule your life. This way, you will break many hearts as you try to win every individual that notices your attractiveness.

4.  Birthmark on Neck Meaning

  • Birthmark on the front of the neck: A birthmark situated on the front of your neck (throat) means that you will achieve great success in life. However, this is only possible if you part your loved ones and go elsewhere. Nevertheless, you still have to take care of their needs to achieve this success.
  • Birthmark on the back of the neck: If the birthmark lies on the back of your neck, it indicates that you will be a very aggressive individual. You will be bad tempered and you will be angered easily. Furthermore, you will react aggressively in a way that is not decent when angered.

5.  Birthmark on Back Meaning

  • Birthmark on lower back: If your birthmark lies on your left or right lower back, it means that you will be a very honest person. You will always be frank even when it is to your disadvantage.
  • Birthmark on upper back: When you have a birthmark on your left or right upper back, it means that you will be flexible and open to new ideas. You will easily accommodate other people’s suggestions provided they are efficient and effective

6.   Birthmark on Buttocks Meaning

The meanings of a birthmark that lies on the buttocks (or bottom or bum) generally indicate aspects relating to your love and lifestyle. The meanings of birthmarks on buttocks are different for men and women. Furthermore, those located on the left buttock have different meanings from those located on the right buttock.

(a)   Meaning of a Birthmark on a Man’s Buttocks

  • Birthmark on right Buttock: A male person with a birthmark on the right buttock will have a character that is generally negative. He is never genuine in what he says. So, he will never marry. Instead, he will opt to stay with his parents even as an adult.
  • Birthmark on right Buttock: On the other hand a man with a birthmark on the left buttock will have a strong personality. Furthermore, he will be very charismatic and will influence others positively. He will a type of a man who cherishes love and will be gentle and caring to his family

(b)  Meaning of a Birthmark on a Woman’s Buttocks

  • Birthmark on right Buttock: A woman who has a birthmark on the right buttock will have a great sense of style. So, she will be very attractive and will easily win the hearts of men. However, the attractiveness and style will only be outward. In actual sense, she will be a gold digger who is lazy and selfish. Of course, she is not a wife material but entertains any man who gives in to her material needs.
  • Birthmark on right Buttock: On the other hand, if the birthmark lies on the left buttock of a woman, it means that she will be honest and of great integrity. She will be hardworking and resilient. As a result, she will have good reputation and enormous wealth. Disappointingly, she will not marry because her would-be suitors will be shy away because of a daring personality.

7.  Birthmark on Cheek Meaning

A birthmark on the cheek has different meanings for male and female people.

  • Birthmark on a Female Person: If you are a man, a birthmark on your right or left cheek means that you will be very enthusiastic about your engagements. You will be very proactively committed to achieve your set goals. As a result, you will realize great achievements in your responsibilities and engagement. However, if the birthmark lies on the right cheek. It means that you will languish in poverty since you will have financial problems.
  • Birthmark on a Female Person: In case you are a woman, a birthmark on your right cheek means that you will get married to a respectable husband. Accordingly, you will enjoy your marriage with satisfactory love and care from your husband. On the other hand, if the birthmark lies on the left cheek, it indicates that you will be pessimistic and hopeless.

8.  Birthmark on Lip Meaning

In case you have a birthmark on your lip, then it means that you like speaking and asking many questions. You will want to dominate in every issue even when you do not understand it. In addition, if the birthmark lies on the upper lip, lower lip or at the corner of the lips, they have various meanings.

  • Birthmark on Upper Lip: A birthmark on the upper lip means that you will be charming and charismatic. That is, whatever you say will have a far-reaching influence on your audience. Besides, people will find you very attractive, especially those of the opposite sex.
  • Birthmark on Lower Lip: However, if the birthmark is located on the lower lip, it means that you will be very serious in every endeavor you engage in. Specifically, you will be keen to study and attain high academic qualifications. You will carry out your responsibilities with all the seriousness they deserve.
  • Birthmark at the corner of lip: The birthmark may still be located at the right or left corner of your lips. In this case, it means that you will enjoy taking meals. Surprisingly, you do not even purchase the food yourself. Instead, you wait for your friends to buy it for you.

9.  Birthmark on Leg Meaning

In case your birthmark lies anywhere on your right or left leg, it means that you will be dependent on other people. You cannot make your ow decisions but wait for others to decide for you. As a result, you will not achieve much because those who decide for you will manipulate you for their own interests.

10.  Meanings of Birthmarks on other Locations

  • Birthmark on shoulder: A birthmark on the right shoulder means that you will be wealthy. If it is located on the left shoulder, it means that you will languish is financial problems.
  • Birthmark on ear: A birthmark on the left or right ear is a sign of good luck. It means that you will live a happy and fulfilling life.
  • Birthmark on nose: If you have a birthmark on the nose or tip of nose, it means that your character will not be predictable. Nevertheless, you will cherish creativity and diligence. In addition, you will reach out to the society and help them change their lives positively. This way, you have a great name.
  • Birthmark on hand: A birthmark on your left or right hand or palm is a great sign. It means that you will be endowed with great abilities. These will drive you into the world of success: a decent job, vast wealth and desirable life.
  • Birthmark on arm: For a man, birthmark on the right or left arm means that you will be you will be a loving and caring father. You will spend good time with your family, enjoying and teaching them skills values. For a woman, it means that you are a career lady. You will strive to nature and take it to greater heights.
  • Birthmark on jaw: A birthmark on the jaw indicates that you are not healthy, whether you are a man or a woman. Hence you will lead a difficult life engulfed in poor health.
  • Birthmark on chin: For a man, a birthmark on your chin means that you will have loose temper. On the other hand, if you are a woman, you will be the bread winner. You will have to strive to provide for your family.
  • Birthmark on finger: A birthmark on your finger means that you like to be independent. Besides, it means that you really mean to always make rational decisions and judgments. This applies to both men and women.
  • Birthmark on heel: A birthmark on the left or right heel is bad news for both men and women. It indicates that you will be losing friends every time without any clear reasons. Unfortunately, you will on be good at making enemies.
  • Birthmark on eye: If your birthmark is located on or near your right eye, it means that you will acquire a lot of wealth. You will not have to work diligently to bating money. On the other hand, if you have a birthmark on of the left eye, it means that you will have many relationships without satisfaction.
  • Birthmark on thigh: If you have a birthmark on your left or upper thigh, you have a reason to smile. Whether you are a man or a woman, it means that you will be in a happy marriage. Besides, you will prosper in many aspects including acquisition of wealth.
    Birthmark on Foot: For a man, a birthmark on your left of right foot indicates that you like adventure. So you will travel from place to place to explore new places and activities. In case you are a woman, such a birthmark means that you like taking appropriate actions instead of empty rhetoric.
    Birthmark on toe: A birthmark on the toe has similar meanings as those on foot. This applies to both men and women.
    Birthmark on Stomach: A birthmark located on the stomach (abdomen) means that you will be selfish and envious. You will be inconsiderate about other people’s feelings and welfare.
birthmark meaning in eye
A birthmark in eye means that you will acquire a lot of wealth

Birthmark Shape Meanings

The significance of birthmarks may also be indicated by the shape of the birthmark. However, one shape of a birthmark may have different meanings to different people. Still, the birthmark may not have any meaning at all to other individuals. These differences are due to the various cultural and traditional teachings and beliefs that vary from community to community.

1.   Heart Shaped Birthmark Meaning

Birthmark meanings - heart shaped birthmark
A heart shaped birthmark means love and satisfaction

A heart-shaped birthmark anywhere on your body means that you will enjoy love and satisfaction in life. You will cherish love and affection. Luckily, you will also meet and marry your soulmate. And it will be love and love throughout your life. Besides, you will also extend this love and care to all other people, who will love you back. So, your life will be full of ideal fun and enjoyment.

2.   Diamond Shaped Birthmark Meaning

A diamond shaped birthmark located anywhere on your body means that you will have great qualities. These are the qualities everyone desires to also have. You will be wise and always champion for stability and unity. As a result, you, and your community at large, will enjoy a peaceful fulfilling atmosphere.

3.   Butterfly Birthmark Meaning

In case your birthmark takes the shape of a butterfly, it signifies a sense of hope. It means that you will always be optimistic about your expectations. You will ardently work with diligence and without any worry towards achieving your goals. And sure enough, you will always have your hopes fulfilled.

Red, White, Strawberry and Green Birthmark Meanings

Different types of birthmarks on your body also have various meanings. The color of the birthmark also influences the significance it has. Some of these meanings are as highlighted below.

1.  Red Birthmark Meaning

If you have a red birthmark on your body, it is supposed to make you remember that you were once burnt in a past life. So, the red birthmark represents the wound left of your body after burning. Accordingly, the location of the birthmark is the area that got burnt in that past life. Usually, the birthmark is found on the chin, neck, and forehead or between eyes. However, it can be located anywhere on your body.

2.  White Birthmark Meaning

A white birthmark indicates that you were a criminal in your past life. In this case, the birthmark represents the wound that was inflicted on you as punishment for your criminal activities. Usually, the wound was as a result of a bullet or some other weapon that was used to punish you. Maybe, that is the way you died in that past life.

3.  Green Birthmark Meaning

A Mongolian green birthmark on your body has a connection with your ancestry. This birthmark is considered to be hereditary and hence can only affect the offspring of a certain lineage. Therefore, the birthmark is meant to be used to trace your lineage. This is easily achieved by tracing the same birthmark on your ancestors and offspring.

4.  Strawberry Birthmark Meaning

A strawberry birthmark has various meanings depending on its location on your body. A strawberry birthmark on or near your mouth signifies that you will create enormous wealth and lead a fulfilling life. If it is on your forehead, it means that you will be attractive to the opposite gender. Consequently, you will have numerous partners in your life. However, if it lies on your chin, it is an indication that you will be generally successful in life

Birthmarks and Past Lives

Some communities believe that birthmarks reveal happenings in past lives of an individual. After dying in a previous life, they are born into the next life and so on. For more information about past life meanings of birthmarks, visit Birthmark Meanings, Past lives, Myths & Superstitions.

Birthmarks Spiritual Meaning

Some of the spiritual meanings attached to birthmarks include:

1.   Angel Kiss Birthmarks

Angel kiss birthmarks are the birthmarks which are found on the face. It is believed that the birthmarks are as result of angels’ kisses, hence the name.

2.   Devil’s Signature Birthmarks

There is time when it was thought that some birthmarks were a devil’s signature. Consequently, people generally stigmatized and isolated you if you had such a birthmark.

3.   Spiritual Beating Birthmarks

It was believed by some communities that Mongolian birthmarks were caused by spiritual beating. This was thought to have happened just before birth to drive the baby from the mother’s womb.

Birthmark Meanings Astrology

Some myths connect birthmark meanings to astrology. It is believed that birthmarks development is influenced by ecclesial bodies, especially the planets. In this belief, the ecclesial bodies determine the location, size, shape and color of the birthmarks. In turn, these features are used to determine the meaning of a given birthmark.

Does Everyone Have a Birthmark?

There are very many people who have birthmarks. Surprisingly, there are those who have birthmarks but do not realize they do. This is true especially if the birthmarks are tiny or are located in hidden places. However, not all people have birthmarks. So, what is the meaning of not having birthmarks?

No Birthmark Meaning

Being born without birthmarks has different meanings to different people and communities. For instance, the people who think certain birthmarks signify luck, no birthmark may indicate that you will not be lucky. On the other hand, those who believe that birthmarks represent happenings in past lives may think that you have not had a past life.

What Does It Mean When You Have Two Birthmarks?

If you have similar birthmarks, it means that the effect of their meanings is a multiple of the number of the birthmarks. For instance, if one birthmark means you will be wise, then two will mean that you will be extremely wise. Otherwise, if the birthmarks have different meanings, then each of the meanings applies separately.

Birthmark Meanings Hindi and Chinese

The meanings highlighted are mainly based on the traditions and cultures of Chinese and Hindi people. Usually, the communities that read and interpret these meanings value them and take the meanings to be true.

Birthmark Myths and Superstitions

Generally, the birthmark meanings discussed on this post are based on superstitions that have been passed down from generation to generation by use of myths and legends. So, the meanings are usually not factual. However, there are individuals and communities that take them seriously.

Conclusion on Birthmark meanings

The birthmark meanings presented here are based on various cultural and traditional beliefs. Therefore, the meanings may affect those communities and perhaps those who subscribe the cultures and traditions. So do not panic in case your birthmark signifies undesirable happening in your future life.

Lastly, we wish to let you know that these are just the common meanings attributed to birthmarks. There are more others and the list may not reach and end. So, in case you know any other meaning which is not included in the post, kindly share it in our comment section below.

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