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Upturned Nose or Concave Nose Meaning & How to Make It Look Great

What is an upturned nose and is it also known as concave nose? Find out the meaning and get to see pictures of the upturned type of nose. You can make upturned noses look good too. Learn how in a bit.

Upturned Nose
Upturned types of a nose

The most prominent facial feature is the nose. This is because it is at the center of your face and it projects outwards to greet anyone that looks at you on the face. For most people the nose can say a lot about their character, except when altered with the cosmetic surgery of rhinoplasty.  Then, it will be a different type of nose, but the character of the person will be of the natural nose.

If you are thinking about having surgery for your upturned nose also known as concave nose, you will still exhibit the personality of people with this nose. This article will dwell on the upturned types of a nose meaninghow to make upturned nose look great, show you some pictures and give more details on rhinoplasty or surgery of the same.

What Is an Upturned Nose or Concave Nose?

Concave Nose
A nose that is concave

A nose that is upturned or concave nose is the kind that is pointing upwards at the tip instead of down. This enables you to see the nostrils slightly.  It also could be small or big but the tip rising.

The Concave nose has all most features of a small nose but they could be found in big noses as well. It can be long, curved, with an almost-concave slope with a slight upward peak at the tip.

People with upturned type of noses are often very optimistic, kind and have excellent personality. They are also loving, supportive and nurturing. That is why the make great wives and mothers. Men are attracted to them because of such traits. The women also persevere especially in relationships that are not fulfilling.

Bill Courtney - Small Upturned Nose
Bill Courtney – She has a nose that is both small and upturned

This makes them more prone to abuse, either physical or emotional by their significant others. However, this quality comes from an unshakable faith that things will always work out in the end. This assertion probably makes them suffer even more before they decide to quit.

In issues concerning money, such people do not give much value to it as long as they are happy. This belief makes them popular with men but it also exposes them to much suffering. This trend of consistently taking whatever little is dished out to them does not come from inner weakness but from their extreme optimism. This same optimism leads them to repeat mistakes in life.

How to Make Upturned Nose Look Great

Some people view the a nose that is upturned to be unattractive, that makes them self-conscious, and it affects their self-esteem negatively. However, their views are on track since people have his or her perception about beauty.

Small Upturned Nostril - Michael Jackson
Small Upturned Nostril – Michael Jackson

You can make your upturned nose look great if you are not comfortable with the way it appears. While people think you have to go for surgery to get the perfect nose, you can make your it great naturally. Your biggest goal should be to create a different impression about your nose which is upturned if you do not like it that way.  This is how to do it.

  • If your nose is too shiny, it will look big and wide. The best thing for getting rid of shine is using absorbent wipes. If you cannot find them, just use some foundation on your nose.
  • Since women with these noses have defined nostrils, they should avoid flaring them. It leaves one looking weird.

    Upturned Nose – Rhinoplasty Before eand After
    Rhinoplasty Before and After
  • Do not smile too wide. This may seem extreme, but if you smile too broadly, your nose will stretch out and your nostrils will actually look like rectangles. When you smile, only show your top incisors and try as much as possible to hide the lower ones. This smiling technique works to hide your wrinkles as well if any.
  • If you make your eyes look bigger, then your nose will look smaller in comparison. However, if you have a short, narrow upturned nose with a wide tip, then having a small mouth will look cute. Making your other facial features look larger makes it less visible.

    Upturned Nose Side View
    Side View
  • You can also try to tilt your chin down a little low so your nostrils look smaller. Raising it too high leaves your nostrils visible.

All these measures will probably help you out if you have a nose that is turned upwards, but it will not change it. For those who would like to change its shape permanently, your best bet would be rhinoplasty.

Upturned Nose Pictures

Cute picture, notice how this one is small. Doesn’t she look cute?

A side view of a nose that is upturned above, a bit longer than the previous one. It has a raised tip and defined nostrils.

Upturned Nose Before and After Surgery
Before and After Surgery

Do you know who had a small upturned nose? Michael Jackson. Some referred to as the ‘Peter Pan’ nose as he always emulated the character. But we all know it was from several nose jobs

Upturned Nose Surgery or Rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty commonly known as nose job is the surgery for upturned noses among others. It involves the grafting or implanting on the nose to give it a different shape and size. It works for those who want to hide the defined nostrils.

Upturned Nose After Rhinoplasty
After Rhinoplasty

Upturned nose surgery could be the solution for many women uncomfortable with their with how their noses look like. They do not have to go through life hating their noses when they can get them fixed with a quick procedure under local or general anesthesia at a certified cosmetic surgeon’s office.

The following pictures are of an upturned nose with flared nostrils, it has changed with surgery as you can see in the rhinoplasty before after pictures besides.

As seen above, rhinoplasty does work both ways.  For Michael Jackson it got him a nose that is upturned from a Nubian nose, while the rest of the pictures show a correction of the tip or nostrils. However, it comes at a risk and cost. Seeking qualified, certified and registered cosmetic surgeons is the key to finding the perfect upturned nose rhinoplasty.

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    • Yes, in Ireland small, cute noses are common on both women and men. Of course there are still plenty of people with larger, longer, or crooked ones too. I inherited my noses rounded tip from my Polish ancestors, but the small size and upturned end where inherited from my Irish ancestors. I have a lot of family in Ireland and many of them have small attractive noses.

  2. How is an upturned nose “unfortunate”? I think they are cute. This article is extraordinarily stupid.


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