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Jewish Nose Meaning & Do Jewish Have Big Noses

I have heard so many Jewish nose jokes told, is it because Jewish have big noses. Find out the meaning of a Jewish nose and see the pictures to prove if they are big or not, and what is it about a Jew and his nose?

Jewish Nose Shape
Jewish type of a nose

Of all types of noses, the Jewish nose is the most controversial. This is because if you are a Jew or a descent of the Jewish community, you probably have this kind of nose or people will always see it even when it is not there. If you have it, People will always identify you by it no matter what, unless you decide to get a nose job, which is not a good idea because you will be saying you are not proud of your background.

Those who are not afraid to show the world where they came from carry the same nose each day, why should you not do the same. What is so special about the Jewish noses because for something to be contentious it has to have some distinctiveness? Let us find out shortly.

What Are Jewish Noses?

Many people would confuse big noses with Jewish ones. This however, is not the case. Both the large size and its hooked tip characterize the Jewish type of a nose. The nose gets its name from Jews who are known to have them, like many other people of the Semitic race. However, it is important to note that not all Jews have this kind of nose. Those who assume that all Jews have it do so to be racist.

From the picture above, it is obvious that the Jewish type of a nose is not your average big nose. It is very large.

Do Jews Have Big Noses or Why Do Jews Have Big Noses

There are hundreds of jokes about Jews and their big noses. This perception has been cultivated over hundreds of years. It begins from the period of the Roman Empire to the days of Shakespeare. In Hitler’s holocaust, it was still an issue and today it does not end. Ethnic hatred and prejudice towards the Jews however, fuel these perceptions.

Jewish Nose
Side view of this nose type

It is important to understand Jewish history to answer this question. Jews, for millennia have been scattered all over the world,way before the creation of the state of Israel, they had no country to call home. This means that they have intermarried with other ethnic groups who have different types of noses. It is therefore wrong to assume that all Jews have big noses. Then again, a typical ethnic Jew almost certainly will have a Jewish type of a nose. That is a major truth.

It is also important to note that not only Jews have a Jewish nose. All Semitic groups like Arabs and some ethnic groups from the horn of Africa have it. Moreover, you do not have to be of Semitic descent to have a this nose. The nose is present across all races and cultures

Big Jewish Nose and Jew Nose Pictures

Jewish Nose - Big Nose
Jewish types of noses are also big

It is true that the Jewish people have suffered some of the worst prejudice in the past and even today they are likely to get some witty barbs thrown their way. Most of them stem from the fact that many have extraordinarily big noses. In addition, like all types of noses, people with the Jewish nose have certain characteristics.

They are very business minded and have an entrepreneurial spirit. This makes them more likely to excel in the business world. They also possess practical intelligence and skill with numbers. On the down side, they lack prowess in physical activity as their main talents are on mental and not physical capabilities.

A Jew is stubbornand has an unconquerable will to rise above adversity. This coupled with their business acumen ensures success in whatever they put their minds to. Men consider this quality in women cumbersome. However, they have strong bargaining skills, whichmost men find impulsive.

Women with the Jewish type of a nose have a tight fist especially in matters concerning money and are mean too. This assertion is in most part is inaccurate because conversely, They oftne women have a big heart and are very kind. In men however, this quality is most often than not lacking.

For people with this type of a nose, money is very important. This is not to say that they use it liberally. They can be very frugal in both lifestyle and sentiments. They are very good in keeping secrets and ironically, nosey –no pun intended- particularly women.

Women with Jewish noses have very strong ties with families and friends. They can be brutally honest, thereby causing tensions even among friends. Their bluntness comes from distaste for diplomatic small talk and lies.

Since time immemorial, people with Jewish types of noses have been likened with Jews. Since Jewish people have business prowess, it is often ridiculed as greed. Though this is unfair, and has a racist sheen, it further shows their character. People with this nose type have a strong set of principles.

Although, Jewish nosed people have tender hearts. They are tough and regard timid people with scorn. However, they cannot turn to violent means unless pushed to the limit. When that happens, they are likely to win. This aspect of their personality has made them to be branded as schemers and cunning.

Jewish Nose Jokes

There is a joke, which goes like this:

Q:     Why do Jews have big noses?

A:    Because air is, free.

Mark Zuckerbeger - Jewish Nose
Mark Zuckerbeger has a jewish kind of a nose

Since the it is not the most beautiful nose on the planet. Very few people in show business have the it and if some once did, their noses today no longer Jewish. The few that have the Jewish type of a nose are often movie directors and producers. As for models, the few if any that exist there is no information about them.

When looking for famous people with Jewish noses, your best bet would be the Forbes rich list. I take the risk of chauvinism and daresay that most are Jewish or are of Jewish descent. Mark Zuckerberg, billionaire founder and the mastermind behind Facebook is one of the famous people with this nose type. His name says it all.

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