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Revision Rhinoplasty Specialist, Best Surgeons, Cost and Recovery

Who is the best revision rhinoplasty specialist? Discover the best surgeons in revision rhinoplasty near you. Additionally, find out the cost and recovery timeline for recovery from revision nose surgery or rhinoplasty in this article.

Rhinoplasty Gone Wrong - Help Needed
Help needed

Sometimes a primary rhinoplasty can leave you with an uglier nose than your original one. It is easy to fall into depression because you imagine you have spent so much money and time off work so that your nose can heal completely. Not to mention the many natural supplements you have had to ingest just to make sure your recover much faster and without complications only for your nose to heal with uglier features.

Instead of being depressed you should pick up your pieces and find a surgeon who will do a perfect job in a revision nose job or rhinoplasty. If you are having a fourth or probably fifth rhinoplasty, you probably will not get the results that will make you happy. Therefore, it would be best to just accept your nose and move on.

In fact, the best surgeons in this area will refuse to operate on you because you could lack any tissues they can work with.  Who makes a perfect revision specialist and are there particular best revision rhinoplasty surgeons? Find out in a bit.

What Is Revision Rhinoplasty-Meaning

Any primary open or closed rhinoplasty has a 20% chance of not fulfilling your desires. Therefore, you may wish to have the surgeon or another surgeon redo the surgery.

So, what is revision nose surgery or rhinoplasty? It is the repeat of a surgical procedure on your nose. Depending on the deformity and problems on your nose, the revision nose surgery or rhinoplasty may not have to be surgical, but it can also be a non surgical rhinoplasty procedure.

When a surgeon tells you that you need a revision nose job or rhinoplasty, it means that the first or previous procedures left your nose with the following:

  • Breathing problems due to a deviated septum, too much scar tissue and nasal valve disintegration
  • An upturned nose where the nostrils are pulled upwards
  • Uneven tip
  • Crooked bridge
  • Hollow appearance on nose bridge
  • An inverted  V deformity
  • A pollybeak deformity
  • A tip with poor definition or a bulbous tip
  • Rhinorrhea, which is chronic dripping after primary rhinoplasty
  • Making a whistling sound
  • Poor  asymmetry

Finding a Revision Rhinoplasty Specialist

It is very important that you find a surgeon whose specialty is in revision to redo your nose job. The first procedure must have left you with scar tissue only a nose job revision specialist would know how to go about it when refining your nose. Therefore, a thorough search online and among friends would help you identify not only an experienced revision surgeon, but also highly qualified.

In your search, focus on the revision rhinoplasty specialists who are certified in ENT and facial cosmetic surgery. A surgeon doing boob jobs and lipsuctions may not give you a quality revision on your nose job because it is not in his specialty. Furthermore, a surgeon who is dealing primary on virgin rhinoplasties may not understand the intricacies of nose surgery. Therefore, he or she does not qualify as a good revision specialist.

Another way to identify a revision nose surgery or rhinoplasty specialist is from various publications in this area. Specialists are not only good in performing theatre work, but also in imparting their knowledge to other surgeons. The more the publications a specialist has on nose revision surgery the better. Furthermore, it helps if he or she is giving instructions to students surgeons who wish to join the rhinoplasty practice.

Finally, you can find a revision rhinoplasty specialist who capitalizes on your ethnic group.  A revision in African American rhinoplasty would be quite different from a Caucasian  rhinoplasty whether revision or not. Consequently, it helps to find an ethnic revision specialist if you are African American, Hispanic, Chinese or Korean. This will ensure that you get a natural looking nose as possible.

Best Revision Rhinoplasty Surgeons and Top Surgeons in the US

Charity begins at home and therefore if you want to have revision for an Asian rhinoplasty, you would be better of finding a surgeon near you who specialize in revision for Asian nose jobs. However, sometimes it may get difficult to find a help from any of the surgeons in your area. Therefore, it is only proper to go outside your town, state or even country.

The top revision rhinoplasty surgeons for Asian rhinoplasty would be found in the countries with majority of Asians such as China and South Korea among others. However, you can still find the best surgeons regardless of your ethnic group in the US.

Here is a comprehensive list of the best revision nose job or rhinoplasty surgeons in the US as voted by fellow surgeons and satisfied customers.

  • Dr. Steven Pearlman-NY
  • Dr. Rady Rahban –LA
  • Dr. Sam Rizk- NYC
  • Dr. Ramtin Kassir –NJ
  • Dr. C. Spencer Cochran –Dallas
  • Dr. Andrew Jacon- NY
  • Dr. Robert Kotler- LA
  • Dr. Dean Toriumi – Chicago
  • Dr. Jack Gunter- Dallas
  • Dr. J. Regan Thomas – Chicago
  • Dr. Nicolas Tabal- NY

Where to Go for Revision Rhinoplasty or Revision Centers

In case it is easier to find revision rhinoplasty centers than it is to find the surgeons, here is where to go for your nose surgery to be revised that you will not regret.

Revision Rhinoplasty Los Angeles

Here are revision Los Angeles centers:

  • Beverly Hills Body
  • The Diamond Face Institute

Revision Rhinoplasty NYC

Looking for revision nose job NYC centers?  Where to go for rhinoplasty in New York City in case things never worked well during the first surgery include:

  • Pearlman Aesthetic Surgery
  • Dr. Jacono’s Non-Surgical Medical Spa

Revision Nose Surgery or Rhinoplasty Chicago

Nose surgery revision Chicago center that will ensure you get good services include:

  • Northwester Memorial Hospital- Dr. Douglas Sidle

Revision Rhinoplasty New York

Revision rhino New York renowned center:

  • New York Center for Facial Plastic & Laser Surgery

 Revision Rhinoplasty Swelling Period

Unlike primary rhinoplasty swelling, which goes away in one month, revision rhinoplasty swelling may go on for a long period. You may have swelling lasting for 1-6 months or even longer especially on the nose tip.

However, this is not the standard period for all patients as some have reported to have slight swelling and bruising after the second rhino, probably because of being careful in selection the revision surgeon. The surgeons can use some treatments in a revision to allow for less swelling. Therefore, find out what your surgeon will be using on you to prevent swelling.

Revision Rhinoplasty Before and After Pictures

The pictures below depict patients who had primary rhinoplasties that went wrong. They have gone to different surgeons in their areas for correction. In the first revision rhinoplasty before and after picture depicts a box shaped nose tip and is bulbous. After correction, you can see how natural it appears.

The second before and after picture shows an upturned nose, which is refined to look natural, the tip projects downwards instead of upwards after revision.

How Much Does Revision Rhinoplasty Cost?

The average cost of revision rhinoplasty is $8,475. However, depending on the region where you go for a revision rhino you can expect to pay a significant amount lower than the average or above it. You should expect to pay about $6,000- $10,000 in Los Angeles, while you can pay between $8, 500 and $ 12,000 in New York.

The actual cost is also dependent on whether you will need artificial grafts or cartilage from donor parts of your body. However, ensure that you are clear on what is going to be used to give you the asymmetry or type of nose you desire.

Ask relevant question also, on what the side effects of the artificial implants would be. This way, you do not have to pay so much for a procedure that will require a third correction. Do not also go for the cheapest price the revision surgeons have to offer without verifying their expertise and their previous work on nose jobs.

Revision Rhinoplasty Recovery Timeline

The revision rhinoplasty recovery timeline is dependent on how much scar tissue you got from your first rhino. Further still, your healing capabilities play a great role in making you have a quick or long recover timeline. If you have thick skin and cartilages you are bound to take longer to recover.

However, your surgeon should know what steroids to inject into your and when to do it so that you can recover easily. Your cast should go off in one week when most of the swelling and bruising has resolved. The actual complete healing for nose tip would be between 1 and 2 years.

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